When we first bought our property this was the house that was on the lot. Our neighborhood was built in the 1960s and most of the original houses were ranch style homes with an unfinished basement. The nice thing about this house was that it sat on a corner lot that had a gentle slope. 
Before we tore down the house we were able to donate parts of the building. The local fire department was also able to use the house to train their new firefighters on how to cut through the roof and break through the windows. If you ever are going to be tearing down a home contact your local fire department to see if they want to use it as a training facility. They were so grateful!  
Once we knew we were building I started searching floor plans to figure out how to layout our home. I literally cut paper blocks for each room and would treat the layout like a big puzzle. Here is my first concept layout. It is important to note that although my parents are going to be living with us we needed to make sure we had our own private spaces. I love my parents but I also know that personal space is very important to keep the peace ;).
The left portion is my parent's side of the home. We used a floor plan that we had walked through and knew my parents had liked the layout. For our side we knew we wanted our primary bedroom on the main floor and wanted to have a walkout from our family room and kitchen/dining area. This ended up being the basis of our main floor.
Next, we meet with the architect!
-xo bobbie
December 06, 2021 — Bobbie Sanghvi

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